About Us

Welcome To Noor Al Misbah Rent A Car L.L.C.

Since 2015, Noor Al Misbah Rent a Car L.L.C has been providing top-of-the-line automobiles at cheap pricing to all of its clients. For your convenience and pleasure, our team of pros can assist you with everything you need, including additional car add-ons such as a kid seat, GPS, and additional drivers. Noor al Misbah Rent a car, an automobile also provides long-term car leasing with fantastic monthly rates and prices! Not to mention the fact that with Noor Al Misbah Rent a car an Automobile, we bring the car to you wherever you are for free to all Dubai residents. We allow you to drive SUVs, Innova’s, and hatchbacks, among other vehicle kinds. Customers may book automobiles online and pick them up wherever they are. Select a vehicle that meets your requirements and fits your budget.

You must be aware of the particular location of where you're going as well as how many passengers must be accommodated. The simplest way to compare and pick among the several kinds of automobiles offered at Noor Al Misbah Rent A Car is to know your particular requirements. Your suggestion might also include the type of vehicle, GPS, or a sunroof if you choose. We keep consumers up to date on the latest models and special deals during festival and holiday months. We provide a completely transparent service; what you see is exactly what you receive.

Our Goals

To be the premier mobility solutions business with such a unique personal touch, whose employees generate unrivalled client devotion.

Our Purpose

To be the best automobile rental company in the UAE, with a strong focus on clients. We will accomplish our purpose by emphasizing and balancing client happiness, staff satisfaction, and efficiency and development.

About Us